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Joy School English is produced by Alegra Learning, an education company with the mission to empower every kid to be the architect of his or her future. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Alegra Learning brings together the best and brightest minds in curriculum design, technology development, and multimedia design to create powerful experiences for young English learners across the world.


Noah Eyre


Noah founded Alegra Learning with a vision to empower kids around the globe to be architects of their own future. Previously Noah built partnerships in the US to help school districts (including the two largest school districts in the country, New York Department of Education and Los Angeles Unified School District) serve English Language Learners and with digital learning programs. Noah’s passion is to help kids across the globe learn English and values.

Dianne de Mik

Curriculum Design

Dianne has devoted her life to serving students, working as a teacher, an author, a literacy coach, an instructional designer, and more. With extensive experience in ESL, Dianne has impacted millions of students over her career, and continues to help many more with her groundbreaking work on Joy School.

Carter Durham

Chief Creative Officer

Carter’s career has focused on delivering creative products—everything from producing films in Hollywood, to building digital games in the EdTech sector. At Alegra Learning, Carter is committed to providing students with the most engaging experience possible, leveraging technology to immerse students in a thrilling learning environment.

Tonya Tripp, PhD

Executive Director of Curriculum

Sean Ferons

Executive Director of Engineering

Steven Glauser

Creative Director

Spencer Powell

Director of Production

Stephen Glauser

Executive Creative Director

Chris Carr

Global Brand Manager

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We empower kids around the globe to be the architects of their own future by teaching them 
English & values.