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A Perfect Solution for Young English Learners

Joy School English is the perfect way for young children to learn English and character-building values. With relatable phrases, built-in reward systems, unique art, and fun stories, young children are captivated by the Joy School English program. 

Teacher-led instruction is paired with an engaging student app where kids can work independently. Joy School English provides beginning students with more than enough videos, songs, games, books, and activities to keep them engaged and learning through multiple years of instruction.


The first lesson in each unit is all about introducing vocabulary. Joy School English does this with videos of American kids in authentic speaking situations. Target phrases and vocabulary are integrated into the videos.


Once students become familiar with vocabulary words and phrases, they start to use them in songs. Music is widely considered one of the best ways to remember new information. Notice how the unit’s target vocabulary (hand, foot, head) are used in this song.


Fun, interactive games give students a chance to master new skills. Activities use speech recognition technology and voice commands to encourage kids to speak. Differentiated feedback and customized pacing provide an adaptive learning experience unique to each child.


Students listen to stories which contain the target phrase and vocabulary from each unit. Animations reinforce comprehension, and while students will see the book again with text, the first time contains no text so students can focus on listening comprehension.

Why schools are choosing Joy School English?

Teachers from schools in China talk about how Joy School English benefits their students and makes their jobs easier with classroom resources that foster interaction between teachers and students. With an emphasis on oral language production aided by cutting-edge speech recognition technology, and a value-teaching curriculum that helps kids build strong character, Joy School English is producing noticeable results with children around the world.

Teacher Resources

Joy School English supports teachers and parents with additional resources that enhance the classroom experience and provide data that gives insight into student progress. A teacher menu with activities designed exclusively for whole-group interaction, teacher lesson plansproject books with printable group project materials, and reports are all included. 

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