Curriculum Overview

The Joy School English program has been carefully, meticulously, and creatively designed by curriculum experts. Its foundation comprises five distinct themes which together uniquely position Joy School English as the most effective and innovative program of its kind.

5 Pillars of Joy School English

Joy School English provides teachers with countless tools to make instruction easy and engaging

1. Research

The program is designed based on experience, research, and standards. The Joy School English team has been building educational software for more than 20 years and includes many of the same team that built the most successful English-teaching program in the United States. Using the latest research and targeting key standards, they now have designed a program for kids around the world.

2. Oral Language

While Joy School English also teaches literacy, speaking and listening in a new language are more difficult to learn than reading, so Joy School English deliberately places a strategic emphasis on oral language. Children acquire the sound patterns of language better than adults. If they learn a language young enough, they will speak without an accent. 

3. Integration

In Joy School English, learning is contextualized and language domains are tightly integrated. To effectively learn vocabulary in a new language, it must be in a context that students understand and can relate to. By integrating the target material throughout all the domains, information moves from working memory to long-term memory. 

4. Core Values

Joy School English includes universal values that will help students be successful in all aspects of their lives. These values are interwoven throughout books, videos, and even taught explicitly in values activities.

5. Engagement

Joy School English gives kids an irresistibly engaging experience. It incorporates proven principles of game-based learning and motivational psychology to create a fun and rewarding experience for young learners.

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